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Reloadable 7.62x39?

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Well you can reload berdan primed cases but you have a couple problems,mainly the availability of berdan primer which are pretty much non existent in the US.  Some do pop up on various auctions sites on occasion but there very expensive. Powder valley and Graf & Son got a small shipment of Tula .217" berdan primer in about a year ago that fit the X39 case but they were gone before most people knew they were in stock.  So basically no primer no reloading berdan cases the easy way.

You also need some special tool either commercial or home made to remove the berdan primer from the case as well as modifying you primer seater to seat the over sized berdan primer which are about .005 larger in dia. than the standard LR primer.

You can convert the berdan case to accept boxer primers but it's a lot of work and I would consider that a last ditch effort when no other option is available. Here is basically how its done.

Reload the X39 cartridge isn't going to save you much at this point in time unless you have bought up a good stock of reloading component when they were cheap and or you cast your own bullets.  Brass and jacketed bullet prices are twice as much now as they were seven years ago when I started loading for my SKS rifle I stocked up on lots of brass and various J bullets back then i mainly shoot cast bullet loads now days and just let the J bullets lay till there needed,I also have a couple cases of good quality Russian and Yugo ammo stuck back for a rainy day.

yes you can reload them and yes you need berdan primers you can get them from a lot of different sources Tula has them here in US for i think its 25.00 a thousand.
You can hydraulic the primer out by filling the case with water and then finding a punch that tightly fits the case mouth and give it a sharp blow it will force the berdan primer out. allow to dry and reload with normal process.

Note when sizing make sure you remove the decapping pin from your size die.

Cowboy T:
BTW, Cabelas is known to have MFS Boxer/brass reloadable 7.62x39 ammo on sale for $6.99/20.  They used to do this pretty frequently.


--- Quote from: Cowboy T on April 19, 2011, 07:14:34 PM ---BTW, Cabelas is known to have MFS Boxer/brass reloadable 7.62x39 ammo on sale for $6.99/20.  They used to do this pretty frequently.

--- End quote ---

+1 on the MFS,we put a few boxes through my buddy Andy's newly acquired Russian SKS yesterday zeroing the sights it shot fine,he has also reloads some from a previous outing a few time and it's just as good as any other brand brass we have reloaded.

I've made them from 6.5x54mm MS cases before. Expensive way to do it but at the time there was almost no 7.62x39mm available.


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