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Q's for those of you who loaded for a 30-40 Krag.


Whats up Ammo Smithers?

I am finally getting some spare time to load for my Uncle's 30-40 Krag ( I believe its a Winchester, I have not saw it up close and personal just yet, so sorry that I don't have details on his rifle, yet... ).
I have Hornady's 7th edition manual and the Sierra reloading "Bible" ( the one with three binder ) with all the loading data for the 30-40 Krag. I have new Remington brass and some Hornady 220 gr RN bullets to load for it. Where my question comes, is with what powder to load for it. For those of you who have reloaded for there 30-40 Krag, what powder have you either used for your load or what powder would you recommend first???

Thanks for any feed back and if you have any other information/pointers you can share about your reloading experience on the 30-40 Krag, please feel free to share.

~BrassTurds  :17:

220 GR. HDY RN  Hodgdon  H4350  .308"  3.080"  40.0  1874    42.0  1947         
220 GR. HDY RN  Hodgdon  H335  .308"  3.080"  30.0  1836    33.0  1974         
220 GR. HDY RN  Hodgdon  H322  .308"  3.080"  30.0  1852    33.0  1969         

from the Hodgdon site

I had a old friend who reloaded 30/40 Krag but only 150 gr bullets over IMR 3031


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