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Inconsistent Powder Charges with Pro Auto Disk.

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I am a neophyte reloader who is having problems obtaining consistent powder charges utilizing the Lee Pro Auto Disk.  The charge desired is 18.6 grains of Hodgdon Lil'Gun.  According to Richard Lee's, Modern Reloading, this should be possible if the 1.26 disk is used.  Unfortunately, I get that charge only rarely.  I dropped 20 charges and proceeded to make quality control checks utilizing regular and digital scales.  On only two occasions was the correct charge dispensed. The average of the 20 charges was approximately 17.0 grains.  I have not had this problem with other powders and I am well aware that the Lee Pro Auto Disk is not a "precision instrument".                                  

Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU

I am not a fan of the auto disc in any way, and honestly feel it's a POS, if you get my drift. I have replaced my auto disc on my Load Master with a Perfect Powder Measure and honestly couldn't be happier. It is 10x more consistent than the Auto Disc.

I know this doesn't help correct the issue with the Auto Disc, but it does give you a $25 solution, as the perfect powder measure can be substituted for the auto disc very easily.

In theory the auto disc should work very well, yet I have never had good luck with it, ever. And I had tried to make it work for some time, yet it always threw inconsistent.

I have had similar problems with other powders specifically bullseye.  However it was a much smaller charge.  It sounds like you may have some static going on.  Take apart the autodisk and use a used drier sheet to help remove static cling.  Also tap the hopper, or shake the hopper on the down stroke.  I loaded 50 round of 38 spl today with titegroup and my autodisk no problem.  I have a slight variance less than .1 grain but perfectly acceptable for plinking ammo.  Also make sure to fill the hopper at least halfway up.

There are a few guys that have had great success with the Pro Auto Disk and I'm sure they will pipe in.  If you add "w/Pro Auto Disk" to the subject it may help get their attention.  

I had problems with the Pro, but with small charges.  I went back the standard auto disk and love it, especially on the Pro 1000.  It's very accurate and very consistent from 1.8 grains up to heavy loads.  Sorry that doesn't help you, but it's what I use succesfully.

As far as the disk dropping what the Lee chart says.  They don't.  You have to experiement, the chart is conservative.  Probably a legal thing for those that don't weight their charges.  Also, don't assume the same size hole in one disk drop the same in another disk.  Manufacturing tolerances being what they are can very a few tenths of a grain.  Sometimes the Lee reloading manual is right on the money, sometimes not.

The goal is to get the same charge each time, with your press.

I had that same problem with mine. The big issue is the static. While the handle of the press is up (when the whole of the auto disk is filling up with powder), tap it at least 4 or 5 times on the plastic disk, so that every bit of powder gets cramps in there nicely and again when pulling the press's lever down to fill the case with the powder. At least 4 or 5 times so that the powder that is "sticking" to the auto disk, falls down into your case. This should rectify your problem easily.

I have personally moved on to the Lee perfect powder measure, because i can set it to the exact powder amount that i need. Unlike the auto disk, which gives you only a phew options and may not always be the exact load that you want for that particular cartridge.

btw. I also do the tapping on the Lee perfect powder measure, because it's also "sticking".


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