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Making 7mm-08 brass

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Hi All,

I've been wondering how pratical it is to make my own 7mm-08 brass from .308 brass. So far I've been using only RP cases that I've saved from buying factory ammo, but when the life is gone out of them, I'll need something new. There seems to be a lot of used .308 brass out there, but not so much 7-08. Is the process easy? What tools are needed? Is it worth the effort (though it looks like fun, regardless)?

I've also got some once-fired Federal 7-08 brass. Any opinions on the merits of RP Vs Fed Vs Norma (Lapua doesn't seem to offer 7-08)?

Many thanks!

Black Mamba:
I've been resizing 308 Lapua brass down to 7mm-08 and it is as easy as running the 308 case through the 7mm-08 die. You can usually find 7mm-08 brass at any sporting store that sells reloading components So I would only consider it worth it if you have a ton of 308 brass or if you want Lapua brass. If you want Lapua I would suggest trying the 308 palma brass, they use small rifle primers in lieu of large rifle. I personally have had great success with winchester brass, I would suggest it over the others you list. RP is usually hit or miss, you can get a good lot or a bad lot. Federal is soft brass so many people say it doesn't last very long. Norma is expensive, you can get the Lapua cheaper than Norma and the Lapua is better. If you happen to own a 308 or shoot with anyone who does, don't bother with resizing 308 brass it will be too risky.

Thanks Blank Mamba... you answered a couple of key questions for me. Would changing to SRP's change the load data? My books only show LRP loads.

Black Mamba:
The small rifle primers make the case stronger allowing it to accept a slight bump in pressure. This will allow you to increase the max load a bit. I won't promote using max loads but it does widen the charge range perhaps allowing another accuracy node to be found. The smaller flashhole will also aid in accuracy.

Hi, Steve here. You got my attention with this small primer option. I would like to know more. I use RP brass for my 7mm08,


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