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I will be picking up some .50 BMG surplus ammo this evening - the links go to the gun shop owner, though. :-(  The primer pocket has the three crimps.

On another forum (, a member wrote this:

"Some say that a 50 primer pocket swager is useless. Seems they don't do a very good job with the amount of brass that has to be reformed. Most cut the crimp out with a 45 degree countersink or the mouth deburr tool. Just remove enough material to get the crimp removed. I use my deburr tool by hand and a hand scraper to just smooth up the sharp edge at the bottom of the cut. I use a small tipped screwdriver to feel that the crimp has been removed. You can feel the bump if it's not. 50 primer crimps are most often not centered over the primer hole and the crimp tends to be heavier on one side or the other. I highly recommend a primer pocket uniformer to square up the bottom of the primer pocket and to cut it to uniform depth. Primer pockets in military cases vary a little in depth and uniforming them for depth (.220" is about standard) will save you getting a high primer that will not seat flush or below. I have a K&M tool that I use in my DeWalt. I have a home made case trimmer but Forsters 50 case trimmer looks good. The 50 cases take a lot of cranking on the handle of the trimmer. One that is powered by a drill or if money isn't an object a Giruad or Gracey would be nice.

It's not likely that you'll be loading high volumes such as with an AR-15 so if time isn't a factor hand tools will work. You loading for a bolt action, semi, or what? If you want a 50bmg primer pocket swager look for Ch4D tools..."

What is the best way to remove these crimps?  Would you agree with the above?

Also, I will need to know which components, powder to use to reload .50 BMG.  Thanks for your help.  (Yes, I know I need a monster press!)

The lee classic cast stingle stage is not a monster press. You take out the top nut and it allowes the use of the 50 BMG dies. As a matter of fact, Lee includes that press in their 50 BMG kit. That is the kit I will be getting when I purchase mine next year...

I use a deburing tool.It gets the stab crimp out very effectively.

I have been using the L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer 50 BMG, Power Adapter and the Primer Pocket Reamer. Works great so far. Trimming and crimp removal has been slick & easy!.

Most of the brass I bought from had a crimp all the way around the primer pocket. Very few had 3 distinct crimps. Here's before moving the crimps:

After removing the crimps:

I think I need to hit all the primer pockets using a 'primer pocket uniformer', but I'm having a hard time finding one made by L.E. Wilson ... maybe I just haven't looked hard enough.

Wideners has 50 BMG  powder for sale fairly cheap.  I have not seen primers for sale in a while, last place was sportsman warehouse and they were a buck each.  I have never loaded for bullets since I don't load for the 50. 

Sounds like the brass prep is the same that I use for match rounds. Minus the pocket uniforming and it is standard brass prep for mil surp brass.


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