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IMR 4007 SSC


I've read good reviews about this powder but haven't seen much in the way of load data for it. I picked up a pound at the Dundee, MI Cabellas. They had NO primers, nor any pistol powder, and the 4007 was the only IMR rifle stuff so I thought I'd play with it in the 243 and maybe the 204.

Have any of you guys fooled around with this one?

Black Mamba:
Haven't tried it but would like to, maybe if the RL17 doesn't work out. Check out for the companies load data. It looks to provide average velocity with a 100 grain 243 bullet, but reports I've heard sounds as if it provides good accuracy. It is a tad faster than H4350.

For my .243 savage, 33.9 grs of Varget with a 95gr Nosler Ballistic Tip (purple) Works GREAT!!!
Try it out if you want.

Thanks, guys. I found the Hodgdon data earlier this winter. Another look shows I can try both 4064 and 4007 in both the 204 and 243. I was kind of hoping to find more press about 4007. I'll be varminting with the lighter bullets to start.


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